Nicolet, born and bred in Northern Jersey, has always pushed her limits and has been serious about her work as a performer from a very early age. At the age of five years old, her ballet instructor was dismissed for persuading her mother to take her to the best ballet intensive program. By ten years old, she began her competitive figure skating career and took lessons from World and Olympic coaches, earning her Gold Medal from the United States Figure Skating Association.  At age fourteen, Nicolet was scouted by several modeling agencies and began modeling in New York City, where she currently continues to model today.

She has maintained that same focus and self-ingrained discipline throughout her acting career.  She has always considered herself a performer and believes in her calling to truly “be” the character and tell their story.  She studied at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and continues to challenge her development as an actress with several other approaches, most recently at The Peoples Improv Theatre.

Nicolet enjoys playing numerous roles and currently has a high call back and booking rate for the roles of romantic lead, daughter, young wife, intellectual types, and dramatic edgy characters such as sociopath girlfriend.  Although ethnically ambiguous, the Penelope Cruz look-a-like also enjoys tapping into her Cuban heritage, when needed for a role, by using her fluency in Spanish; and she isn’t afraid to use her Jersey-Italian background only when necessary, of course.  ;-)


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